About C&D Advisory

C&D was established in 2014, originally as C&D Commercial Partners, specialising in hospitality management and turnaround, a retirement or two and C&D has reformed as C&D Advisory.

We offer a comprehensive advisory service for businesses, offering commercial, candid and practical advice, at all times ensuring that your business remains viable and that you are getting the most you can from your business.

Our Commitment

Transparent Guidance and Advice

We commit to providing honest and transparent guidance, offering real advice rather than just presenting options. We work closely with you, whether your business needs restructure or your business is looking to improve.

Unfiltered Reality Check

Unlike others, we won't sugar coat the reality of your business situation. We pledge to be straightforward and blunt, ensuring that you have a realistic understanding of where your business stands. Facing challenges head-on, we'll say it like it is.

Proven Track Record of Success

We have a stable of successful clients that throughout their business existence have faced serious financial issues, we have worked with them (in some cases since our business was established), having seen the good and the bad we will assist you in ensuring that you know where you stand and what your outcome is like.

No Fear of Tough Conversations

We are committed to open communication, even when the discussions are difficult. If we see that a viable business solution is not in sight, we won't kick the can down the road. Our commitment is to have the hard conversations upfront, ensuring that you are fully aware of the situation and can make informed decisions.

Meet the C&D team

Peter Maher

Pete has recently joined us, having left a role as a principal is a large accounting firm. Pete has been a Member of the CPA for more than 15 years.

Offering a comprehensive business planning and advisory solution for business owners, Pete understands the challenges that businesses face, he will keep you accountable and make sure that you are getting the most from your business.

A specialist in rural businesses, Pete focuses heavily on cash flow planning, viability and business accountability.

Working primarily in the business advisory, planning and cash flow space, Pete is here to assist businesses as they refine their offering, help you achieve the goals that you have from your business.

Pete is based in country NSW, Pete played 10 for the Young Yabbies for a lifetime.

0499 554 184

Craig Dangar

Craig started C&D in 2014 as a commercial advisory firm. During that time he has seen the industry change, adapt and evolve.

With a focus on businesses at risk, he will assist you in understanding your options, working for practical solutions and giving you candid options as to what will happen into the future. Craig will step into your business, understand where the issues are and then ensure that you have an understanding of the options available.

Craig is the principal restructure advisor and will assist you in understanding your options as well as helping you through getting your business back on your feet.

Craig is based in Brisbane.

0403 800 245

James Harrison

As an accomplished Business Consultant, James brings a wealth of experience in business development, client engagement, and various IT sectors like communications, cybersecurity, and software. His career spans key industries such as telecommunications, IT management, financial consulting, and e-commerce.

James stands out for his exceptional communication and relationship-building skills, earning respect across diverse sectors. His expertise in sales, digital communications, and customer experience significantly contributes to his professional achievements, along with his abilities in lead generation and team leadership.

At C&D, James is driving new business projects and strengthening client relations. His innovative problem-solving and commitment to client satisfaction make him a vital asset to our team, dedicated to elevating the experiences of our clients and driving their businesses forward.

Kevin Carmody

Kevin has been a part of C&D since selling up his accommodation properties in central Queensland in the mid 2010s. With over 50 years experience in running accommodation and hospitality venues, Kevin has a wealth of experience, and has persistently focused on venue improvement, technology and venue turnaround.

Based in Geelong, Kevin still assists with venue recovery and management on a regular basis, and provides a commercial outlook for businesses needing assistance.

Kevin is available for short term management engagements.

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