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Solutions for a changing tomorrow.

Welcome to C&D Advisory, we are a commercial advisory firm focusing on assisting business owners in all stage of the business cycle.

Offering comprehensive advice for business we stand behind our clients, we invest in understanding your business, your goals and how your business will let you achieve them.

Understanding that no business is the same, we work closely with you to analyse, understand and advise, to give you solutions to get the most out of your business.

Go beyond the ordinary

Dare to reimagine your business with us. We are not just your typical business restructuring and advisory firm. We talk business and will provide you the tools to get the most out of your business. And no, we don’t use buzzwords like ‘synergy’ or ‘paradigm shift’.

We work with you to help you understand where your business is, and where it is heading into the future. We will give you advice and not just a range of options with no backbone to follow through.

Our services


We understand that businesses need guidance and assistance and we are here to help. Whether buying a new business or starting from scratch, improving your business in the changing conditions, or simply understanding what the next stage of your business is, the team at C&D will guide you through.

Cash Flow
+ Viability

The lifeblood of all businesses is cash flow, we work closely in understanding your business and where improvements can be made. We offer a comprehensive cash flow improvement service, including line by line analysis, cash flow management techniques and cash flow planning in line with long term strategic budgeting.

Restructure + Turnaround

Facing difficulties? We will be there with you.

Our area of expertise? Making things happen! We deliver outstanding results through strategy, sweat, and an outrageous amount of coffee. Every client is a unique challenge, and oh boy, do we love challenges!

+ Bankruptcy Advice

Finding clear and upfront advice about your options, what is involved in the process and how your circumstances will change if you appoint. We will walk through the process of what is facing you and your business and help you understand the options you have available, and how they will impact you and your business.


Wealth of experience to take you beyond.​

Our team at C&D Restructure focuses on results based outcomes, with clear and direct commercial advice. We take the approach of finding long term solutions to short term problems, and work closely with our clients to ensure that every outcome achieved is sustainable and manageable.

My accountant recommended Craig to take this over at the last minute and didn't he perform. Stepped in, control the process and gave me my business back. He was so confident and was the rock throughout, thanks Craig.

Walid Juma Client

It was a tough time but these guys took the stress for me, can't thank you enough.

Joseph Justin Client

Craig and Kevin walked me through the process and took the time to explain what was ahead. Cannot speak highly enough for their help.

Arthur Perez Client

"They were great to deal with. They made everything easy and easy to understand, keeping me in the loop the whole time. Amazing team, would highly recommended."

Melissa Hurley Client

Meet the Team.

Craig Dangar

Principal Consultant

Peter Maher

Principal Consultant

Kevin Carmody


James Harrison


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