Cash Flow + Viability

Solutions for Cash Flow + Viability

Cash Flow + Viability

The secret to business is cash flow, everything is cash flow and without cash flow your business has a limited shelf life. We work with you to ensure that you are not just breaking even but profitable and with surplus cash flow to have your business meeting your goals and objectives.

Understanding this basic summary for us cash flow is every discussion you will have with the business planning team. From our first meeting until the day you close the door we will focus on ensuring that your business has strong cash flow and that this cash flow is meeting your needs from your business.

Each conversation will come back to how you cash flow is looking and what improvements can we make to ensure that you are maximising the cash flow that your business generates, without this it is hard to have a successful and striving business.

Making cash flow the focus of your business, goes hand in hand with achieving viability, this is not a just a simple short term measure, but for successful businesses is critical part of ensuring your business is healthy.

To put our money where our mouths are we offer a cash flow improvement meeting where if we can’t improve your cash flow by five times the cost of the meeting, lunch is on us.

Fathom + Cash Flow Reporting

We provide a regular cash flow reporting platform to assist you to understand the cash flow in your business and how it can be better improved. For business owners, understanding your cash flow, and what is impacting it is critical to being able to make clear and informed decisions about the future of your business.

Understanding your cash flow, where it is, what is impacting it and how it can be improved is the key to business success.

There are brilliant tools available to assist you understand your cash flow position, we use fathom as our cash flow reporting platform, our fathom report is a key part of our commitment to assist you in improving your cash flow and getting the most out of your business.

Giving you the tools to understand your cash flow and the advice to improve it, we offer a solution for businesses and their owners to get the most from their business, hand in hand with improving viability and performance.  

Want to know more about how fathom should be a key part of your financial reporting, have a chat with Pete about the benefits that fathom can bring to your business.

Line by Line Analysis

Painful but liberating is how we describe the line by line analysis of your cash flow and business expenditure. Understanding where the money is your business is going is critical to understanding how things can improve.

We will work with you to review your bank accounts, to determine where the inefficiencies lie and where we can make simple changes to improve your overall profitability and cash flow performance. This process helps you take responsibility for the financial outlook for your business, to see where things may be slipping and where improvement can be made.

This process involves working with us, and understanding your cash flow at a granular level, understanding each expense and seeing where improvements can be made. Equally we look at revenue lines, your sales and your stock turnover, what is working well, what needs improvement and what may no longer be working for your business.

We offer this one a regular but also on project basis, for businesses that are looking to undertake new projects or activities we will assist you by undertaking a review of the project on a revenue and expense basis, preparing viability budgets and helping your keep accountable.

Line by line is a critical part of all businesses, ensuring that you can control your costs, understanding your revenue lines and ensuring that you are getting the best from your business. To find out more contact the Team.

Viability + Profitability

For business owners understanding the viability of your business is critical to your long term success. We will work with you to understand not just the viability of your overall business but individual business units, to ensure that you are getting the best outcome from your business.

We explain profitability, and look to where things can be improved, focusing on a constant improvement process and assisting you to make changes where changes are necessary to improve your business.

For business owners where they are struggling with their business, this process involves understanding your business, where the opportunities are, and deciding if significant changes need to be made in your business.

We will assist you in future planning your business, to ensure that as things change your business is able to adapt to these changes, asking the hard questions and giving you the tools to ensure that your business is not only thriving today but thriving into the future.

As part of our overall business planning process we will incorporate a heavy emphasis on making sure that you are rewarded financially from your business, that it is not just surviving but also providing you with a future long term viability, a platform for future growth.

Long Term Planning + Financial Modelling

For business owners it is often a challenge to plan years ahead, when your business is running a month by month analysis, this is where we will help. Businesses should have a long term strategic plan, looking to the future and aligning this with the owner’s long term financial goals.

Developing long term planning is critical for businesses, to give you a long term objective, a long term goal, something to strive for when managing the difficult days in your business. Setting, then achieving your goals will assist in keeping you accountable for your business.

We will work with you to strategically plan your business form inception through to departure, giving you the mechanism to achieve long term financial goals, understanding your financial outcomes and making sure that the decisions that you make are in line with these long term objectives.

We incorporate the long term planning into the overall strategic and business plan we will be guiding you through.

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