Hospitality Consulting Services

With a lifetime of venues between them, our hospitality consulting team has seen it all and can think on their feet. From running some of the largest venues in Australia down to operating a bar in a one-horse town, C&D’s hospitality consultants have the experience, the skill and the practicality to turn any venue around. We have assisted owners from the layout of a premises to the employment and training of staff.

We offer a complete training service through our related training organisation and through our strategic partners, can provide both on site management and security services. For owners looking for a partner to assist in the recovery and management of an asset, we have short term management options who can parachute into a site and take it from closed to profitable in the shortest amount of time.

We can also assist in the analysis of a venue and provide candid and direct options. We land onsite and don’t expect to analyse a venue remotely, rather we pride ourselves on being willing to get our hands dirty.

Our Hospitality Consultants

Our primary hospitality consultant, Kevin Carmody has operated 95 licensed venues in a career spanning 45 years. Kevin has owned and operated motels from southern Victoria to Northern Queensland and everywhere in between, which has been the foundation of his abilities as an experienced and practical hospitality consultant with C&D.

A skilled operator, Kevin has seen the ups and downs in the industry and has a keen eye for market trends, being one of the first to move to online booking systems, adopting technology and moving ahead of the market, even in difficult market conditions. His operations have always been the market leader in each geographic location, with a focus on customer experience.

The responsiveness of our consultants and their attention to detail has been a key factor in achieving outstanding outcomes for our clients.

As well as our consulting services, we are able to supply, at short notice, senior operations managers on a short term basis in any geographic region in Australia.


Recent Projects

  • Country NSW Pub
    Recovered for the landlord, rent arrears of $240,000, unpaid poker machine taxes and no maintenance for 3 years, value of the property including entitlements was $1.7m at takeover. Installed an onsite manager, trading figures improved from $7,500 per week to $55,000 per week over a 3 month period. Revaluation of asset at the end of the nine month management project at $3.5m.
  • Country QLD Club
    Appointed by the committee, turnover was $5,000 per week. Immediately terminated the onsite staff and installed a new stock management system. 9 week engagement with revenue increasing to $75,000 per week.

Our Offices – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Our team has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Geelong and the Gold Coast, with visiting offices across regional Australia. Understanding the need for face to face meetings, our team is happy to travel to meet with you.

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or regional Australia. when partnering with us, you have a team that works with you. We happily invest our resources to develop your team and are only ever a phone call away.

Our visiting service

We come to you! Get the right support for securing your assets by partnering with the C & D Restructure team. We have various visiting offices which allow our specialists to serve clients from all around Brisbane and Sydney’s metropolitan and outer suburbs as well as Melbourne and Geelong clients. We also visit Western Victoria, Country New South Wales and Queensland and rural South Australia on a monthly basis. For rural clients we understand the need to have face to face conversations and are not afraid of a drive to visit you.

To chat with your local team, please contact us on 07 3608 6841 or email

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When it comes to asset protection, we appreciate every case is entirely unique. This can be more challenging for business owners as there are additional influences on a structure.  

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More Info

If you are looking for guidance from a trusted advisor or need a short term manager we can assist, contact us on 07 3608 6841 or


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