Businesses or commercial partnerships may restructure themselves for a variety of reasons. Ranging from streamlining the business to asset protection, see below some readings on what you may need to consider to secure your structure.

General Restructuring

What’s involved in a restructure

What happens during a restructure?

Overview of a Business Restructure

Steps to a Business Restructure

Informal Restructuring

Outsider in your business

Managing staff expectations

Quick turnaround or structural change

Communicating with Staff during a Restructure

An explanation of Div7A

Amendments to Div7A

Illegal Pheonixing

Inter-company Loans and Debt Forgiveness

What is Cross Collateralisation?

Non-Bank Finance

Is your Div7A Compliant?

How to Talk to Staff about Restructuring

Borrowing Money from your Company

The right Business Structure

Before Restructuring

Business Restructure Basics


Asset Protection

Basics of the PPSR

Using the PPSR

Personal guarantees on assignment of lease

Two banks

Cross collateralisation

Assigning a lease


Business Garnishee Notice

Personal Guarantees

What happens when a Member dies?

Thinking about Pheonixing?


Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Limitations of Bankruptcy

Asking the hardest question

A moral obligation?

Facing the waves

Navigating the insolvency maze

Signs of a distressed business

Payment Arrangements

Quick Payment Arrangement

Debt Arrangements

Garnishee Notices – What are They?

Garnishee Notices – The Basics

Received a Garnishee Notice?

My landlord has reduced access

Thinking credit repair?

What is an Appointor?

Overview of Safe Habour Provisions

What qualifies for safe harbour protections?

Concerns over Safe Habour Provisions

How Safe Harbour Will Impact ‘Ipso Facto’ Clauses

Safe harbour for Directors

Basics of Debt Collection

Debtors and Collectors

Preparing for Litigation

Process of administration

Administration vs. Liquidation

Voluntary Administration for Directors

Voluntary Administration for Creditors

Cost of Liquidation

Overview of a Deed of Company Arrangement

Basics of a Deed of Company Arrangement

Debt Review and Analysis

Dealing with Preference Payment Demands

So, I’m Bankrupt!

Difference between Administration, Receivership and Liquidation

Liquidation – The First Step

Can the ATO wind me up?

Preference Payments

What is a Provisional Liquidator?

Our Guide to Voluntary Administration

Basics of a Creditor Meeting

Dealing with a Wind Up Notice

Documents to Wind Up a Business

Trading Insolvent

Trading with a Wind Up Notice over your Business

Who gets paid first in liquidation?

Waiting until the last minute

Searching for a Liquidated Company

Tax Debts in Liquidation


Estate Planning

Why a Will is Important

4 Reasons you need a Will

Conversations about Estate Planning

Succession Planning for Businesses

Succession Planning for Family Businesses

Dying without a Will – NSW

Dying without a Will – QLD

Dying without a Will – VIC

Basics of a Power of Attorney

Estate Planning Considerations

Why do you need a Will?

Family Succession in Business

Perils of not updating a will after divorce

Wills and Certainty

Willing assets to non-resident

Pension Loan Scheme

Distributing to a Deceased Estate



Basics of Trusts

Basics of Testamentary Trusts

Basics of a Hybrid Trust

Investment of Company Funds into Hybrid Trusts

Pushing back a Vesting Date

Basic Duties of a Trustee

Shareholder Trust Distributions

Basics of Testamentary Trust – Case Studies


Superannuation Funds

Controlling your Superannuation and SMSFs

Accessing Superannuation Early

Using your Super for Business

Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements within SMSFs

Superannuation and Death – Recent Decision

Super Amnesty

Super as Tax Deduction

Running a Business through a SMSF



Step up in garnishee activity

Working for the bank

Storm clouds

Who does the broker work for?

Am I working for nothing?

Best Decisions of My Life

Financial Abuse

You may have to Lodge your T-BAR report

Myth of a Liquidation

Ways of Thinking Around Div7A

Bitcoin and SMSFs

Early Release of Super

Do you have a Div7A Obligation?

Div7A Traps

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