Work with C&D

We pride ourselves on being approachable, practical and commercial and we will do what we can to assist you in your business.

Being direct and blunt we can be confronting in how we operate, this has come from a lifetime of experience in understanding that sometimes direct is more effective than gilding the lily.

Unlike most firms we do not silo clients and will usually all work on your business at the same time, this means that you are getting the best of all of us and not just one view.

We will do our best to understand your business and why it is different, this means that we will usually visit your business on at least an annual basis to understand what it going on.

Acquisition + Franchise Advice

We will provide you with complete and comprehensive advice, in order to achieve this we need as much information as possible prior to the commencement of the advice process.

We offer a short complimentary first meeting to discuss the business that you are looking at and what information we will require.

We will provide a timeline for the completion of the report and the due diligence process, depending upon your time requirements we can generally turn this around in a two week period.

We will provide a fixed quote for due diligence or franchise advice prior to the commencement of any work. We will need this amount paid in full before we commence any work.

Insolvency + Restructure

Where we are assisting you with liquidation or insolvency, we will generally be working to strict timelines and we ask that you adhere to these. We will usually request that you work with professionals that we have a long standing professional relationship with as we often need to work with limited time available.

We understand that the process is likely to be very stressful and it can be a hard process to go through. We will be as supportive and empathetic as we can, but throughout this time we will also be providing you direct and clear advice. This is not always easy to hear. We understand that you might struggle through this process, we ask that you communicate throughout.

We will provide you with a clear outline at our strategic planning meeting and will ask you to commit to these timelines. You will be welcome to bring any professional advisors to this meeting, but we will ask that if you wish to engage them through the process that they also agree to the timelines proposed. Wherever possible we will work with your existing professional advisors or will keep them abreast of the situation.

We will only deal with you as the primary communication point, this is a non negotiable through the insolvency and restructure process, this is to ensure that you understand what is happening and make sure that you get the best advice and outcome.

We have an open communication policy, this is a two way street, we will be generally check in with you on a regular basis through the process and at a lot of times we will be in touch multiple times a day, we ask that you prioritise your communication with us.

Through this process we require full transparency, we are here to work with you and to get the best outcomes possible, all too often we have had a clean restructure become complicated after finding out adverse news late.

To best assist you we equally need you to provide information in a timely and complete manner, we will communicate with you professionally and on an expedited basis.

We ask that if you need to cancel meetings or are unavailable that you give us as much notice as possible.

Ready for the quantum leap in your business journey?