You’re probably reading this because you’re totally stressed by constant creditor harassment. Perhaps you’re stressed because you realise the business is now insolvent and your worried that if you allow it to continue operating, you may be jailed for trading while insolvent.

Perhaps you’re at a complete loss as to what you need to do to fulfill your duties as a director and you need some professional guidance as to what is required to bring the company to a close.

Stressed, Being Hassled, Don’t Know What To Do?

When people are stressed, they need genuine help and information that will allow them to make a fully informed decision. They also need someone that will help them make the process of business bankruptcy as easy as possible.

We are the experts in the area of business bankruptcy and Voluntary Liquidation. Because of our experience, we have streamlined the process to make it as simple and stress free as possible for you.

Whether your company is large or small, we will provide you all the documents and help you every step of the way.

2 Simple Steps to Business Bankruptcy

  • Firstly, we need to hold a directors meeting.

At this meeting, the directors formally recognize the business is insolvent. For that reason, the law requires a meeting of the shareholders/members to be called. They are the ones that will decide the future of the company.

  • Secondly, the shareholders meet and pass a resolution that places the company into liquidation.

At this point that business bankruptcy begins.

The meeting of the shareholders follows the meeting of directors and can take place on the same day provided that 95% of the shareholders agree to waive the 21 day notice period required of the Corporations Act.

Do you need Help with Business Bankruptcy?

If you are facing business bankruptcy, we will provide you all the documents needed to ensure your company is dealt with quickly, correctly and lawfully as required by s.491 of the Corporation Act

Because we understand the immense stress associated with a business failure, we have simplified the process to make it as easy as possible for you. We will provide you with the draft minutes of both the Directors’ and Members’ meetings. We will also provide you the necessary ASIC forms and other document templates that will make listing all your creditors details as simple and easy as possible.