Covid has changed the way we do business and even this week there is another lockdown in the wings for Melbourne. In this week’s Kevin’s corner we are looking at how domestic tourism is benefiting from the changing landscape and where the opportunities are for accommodation providers to build long term sustainability and profitability.

I have often talked about the need to automation in accommodation, whether it be the check in and booking function or the provision of additional services for patrons (such as offsite meals or tourism activities).

Recently I assisted a motel in a small town with the implementation of a meal service as part of their overall offering, through the utilisation of an off-the-shelf application that attached to the booking software. The benefit for the motel was that they could facilitate meals to patrons (using the existing dining room) with the local restaurants arranging for the delivery, it was a simple option but one that meant that patrons arriving late could be catered for, without the need for the motel to offer a food option.

With covid restricting the opportunities for food retail, it has become a necessity for businesses to think laterally, for the motel operator there is an opportunity (with automation) to expand this offering and work closely with their local businesses.

Challenging the traditional check in model is something that was forced with covid but is beneficial for the long term sustainability of outlets. With a movement to self check in and check out, implementing a good system will help in the maximisation of profitability whilst reducing the staffing requirements of the location.

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