When dealing with Tax Debt often one of the most important steps is to let the Australian Taxation Office know you are not ignoring them and that you have appointed a Professional Company to deal directly with them on your behalf.

The Australian Tax Office has a policy of working with businesses to solve their ATO debt problems. If you do the right thing, you can expect a fair outcome.

If the Tax authorities know that you are trying to resolve your Tax Debt problem it is unlikely you will incur more fines or penalties or that they instigate harsher measures including legal action against your business or if you are a Company Director possible action against you personally as well.

At Tax Debt Resolved once you give us permission to work on your behalf we are able to contact the ATO  regarding your situation , update them and seek additional time for you to pay whilst we assess your finances and find the best way for you to move forward.

Often we are able to negotiate a payment plan over time or upon further investigation negotiate a reduced pay out amount.

Communication here is the key so feel assured that your best interests are served when you engage Tax Debt Resolve to deal with the ATO on your behalf.