The landlord, for most businesses, is the last to know but generally holds all the cards.

Dealing with a landlord who is unrealistic however can make your business less likely to be able to survive a restructure or change in your business.

If the landlord is unwilling to negotiate on rent arrears or a rent reduction (if it is necessary for long term survival) then it may be a new location or simply walking away, but what can be done with an unrealistic landlord?

Are you in a vacancy desert or oasis?

The landlord may not be aware that you have options available in order to move or obtain rental incentives to move location.

Is the landlord not willing to give you space or time?

If the restructure is on foot and the landlord is not willing to be flexible, this may be a sign that you need to consider your options. Where cash is tight during the restructure process, without the support of the landlord it may be insurmountable to survive any restructure process.

Are they on the planet?

We have worked with landlords that miss that the rents are not in their favour and appear to be willing to have a vacant premises rather than having a tenant in place. These landlords can be tough to deal with, and often will be strict in terms of enforcement.shutterstock_471693773

Need guidance?

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