The Popularity of Cryptocurrency In Australia Continues To Rise

A recently published survey revealed that risk is the biggest reason why Australians still lack confidence in cryptocurrency. 43 percent of Australians who responded to the survey said that the volatility of cryptocurrency was their biggest deterrent to buying it. This is a 14 percent increase on the same answer from a survey published in […]

The ATO Plans To Crackdown On Cryptocurrency At Tax Time

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) plans to engage around 100,000 taxpayers ahead of tax time to inform them about their required tax obligations as it moves to strengthen its stance on accounting for cryptocurrency. On Friday 28th May, the ATO warned taxpayers that they will likely be contacted as there are growing concerns that many […]

ATO Outlines Changes for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has announced the key changes which are set to be introduced under the Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 regime. This includes the categories of payments that employers will now be required to report. The ATO has outlined that mandatory STP Phase 2 reporting will be commencing from 1st January 2022. […]

How Owners of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Will Be Taxed

The price of Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies has surged in recent years. One bitcoin currently equals just under $60,000 Australian dollars. As result of this financial phenomena many investors around the world have managed to make large sums of money in a short period of time. At the same time, many inexperienced investors have […]

Why It Is Important for Businesses to Assess Their Viability Before JobKeeper Ends

The JobKeeper scheme will end on 28th March 2021. Since September 2020, over half a million businesses across the country have graduated from the scheme. Despite the schemes success at helping businesses survive during the pandemic there are a number of businesses struggling in industries such as aviation, tourism and the arts and recreation services. […]

The Importance of Declaring Cryptocurrency Related Assets

As cryptocurrencies become more and more entrenched in the mainstream, one of the biggest challenges in accounting for them has been that some investors may not be aware that it is a requirement for them to disclose crypto assets to their accountants. It is super important for financial advisers to educate themselves in relation to […]

Can the ATO wind me up?

Unpaid tax debts can lead to serious consequences for businesses that are having problems keeping up with their tax debt. When it comes to enforcing debt, the ATO has a number of options, including pursuing wind-up proceedings in court. While the ATO will not pursue the wind-up course of action if a company has repaid its […]

Overview of Safe Harbour Provisions

What is safe harbour? Safe harbour is legal provisions that reduce or eliminate liability in certain situations as long as certain conditions are met. Under these provisions, a client won’t be liable to some administrative penalties if they are able to provide all the relevant tax information to you. This will also only apply if […]

Launch of our video platform

We have recently been working through a range of education and information videos to support our partners or to give you some understanding of the issues that arise in the management of taxation or restructure issues. Understanding that some of the issues that arise are complicated and need further explanation, each video tries to cover […]