Green letter from the ATO

A city crossing with a semaphore, green light in semaphore

A green letter from the ATO is generally an information notification but don’t ignore the content as there may be things to improve your business.

Welcome Back

It has been three years since we have been a standalone business it is great to be back. We welcome Pete as a partner of the firm.

Contractor or Employee

Contractor or Employee

It’s important to note that no single factor determines whether a person is an employee or a contractor. Instead, the whole working arrangement must be considered. Misclassifying an employee as a contractor can lead to legal and financial penalties. If in doubt, seek legal advice or use the ATO’s decision tool available on their website for guidance.

Our process for working with you

Our process for working with you

We offer a comprehensive business planning and advisory service. Working for the long term we take time to understand your business, what you are wanting to achieve and how we can work with you.

Consumer Confidence Rises After Hitting A 15 Month Low

Consumer confidence across Australia increase by 2.2 percent after previously dropping to its lowest level since October 2020. While respondents’ confidence in ‘current financial conditions’ jumped by 6.3 percent. According to a recently published survey undertaken by ANZ and Roy Morgan, this uptick pushed consumer confidence slightly above neutral at 100.1 for the week of […]

Cryptocurrency in Australia

Despite all the ups and downs and huge swings in value, a recent survey established that three quarters of Australians who have invested in cryptocurrency still managed to make a profit off their investment. In a 12-month period between July 2020 and July 2021, Australians on average made over $10,000 in profit from their cryptocurrency […]

The ATO Says It Can’t Rely on Crypto Users Own Records

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has said that it is unable to rely on cryptocurrency investors to keep track of their crypto related transactions and profits, despite most investors trying their best to provide the ATO with the correct information. “Our main concern is that many taxpayers believe their cryptocurrency gains are tax-free or only […]

How SMSF’S Can Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies

Australians who are wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies for your SMSF will need a secure digital wallet. A digital wallet similar to a bank account in the crypto world. You will also need an account with a crypto exchange, the crypto equivalent of an online broking account. There are dozens of digital wallet providers, but […]