The tides of the hospitality industry can be rough without the proper guidance. See below a list of resources to assist you and your hospitality business.

Approaching the Industry

Accommodation Industry Woes

Importance of Business Location

Properties to Avoid

Pitfalls for new Businesses

Industry Specific: Motels

Tax and AirBNB

Rent and Landlords

Dealing with Landlords

Unrealistic Landlords

Employees and Benefits

Single-Touch Payroll

Single-Touch Payroll and Lodgments

Labour Hire Licence

Running the Business

Using your Super for the Business

10 Ideas to Help your Business

Using Stock Personally

Repairs, Replacement and Maintenance

How to Approach a Commercial Lease

Public Holidays

Opening on Public Holidays

Answering Emails on Holidays

Christmas Parties

Exemptions for Work Christmas Parties


Pub Consulting

Signs of Decline in the Motel Industry

Max Brenner and Retail Pressure

Delusions of Recovery or Turnaround

Rural Motels and the Decline of Asset Values

2018 Federal Budget Review