The ATO Plans to Auto-Call ABN Cancellations

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has announced that Australian Business Number (ABN) holders or their accountants might be contacted by the tax office during the months of November and December 2021 as it moves to automate its ‘intent to cancel’ program. ABNs can be selected for the cancellation program if the tax office cannot detect […]

Signs That It Might Be Time To Change The Direction Of Your Business

Launching a new business is extremely difficult and knowing when something is not working is even more difficult to navigate or to come to terms with. Many people out there who end up getting stubborn and as a result of this try to convince themselves to believe that they have the right business idea and […]

Queensland Pubs and Cafes Will Ban Unvaccinated Patron Starting Next Month

The Queensland Government has announced that pubs and cafes across the state will ban unvaccinated customers from entering venues once Queensland reaches it’s 80 percent doubled-vaccinated milestone. This milestone is currently projected to be reached by Friday 17th December. Outside of the hospitality industry, the unvaccinated will be able to attend weddings but only if […]

Important Attributes That Make A Great Business Leader

If you were to sit down with ten different entrepreneurs and ask them what they believe makes a great leader you would most likely receive 10 different answers. However, there are some important attributes that seem to get spoken about more than others. Here is a good list of traits that an individual should focus […]

Australia’s Current Insolvency Rate Is Much Lower Than Anticipated

A recently published survey has found that the current insolvency rate for Australian business is running at less than half the pre-covid levels. However, this might be a result of the ongoing lockdowns and border closures. Despite the winding back of government support packages, external administrations are still running at historical lows despite concerns last […]

Australian Businesses View Border Closures As A Major Concern

A recent survey has shown that border closures, recruitment issues and supply chain delays are anticipated to be the most significant pressures for Australian businesses over the next 12 months. 46 percent of respondents who participated in the survey believe that border closures will be a major factor in putting pressures on businesses, while 34 […]

Centrelink Goes After 11,000 Australians for $33 Million Worth of JobKeeper Related Debts

Over 11 thousand Australians have been sent debt notices associated with JobKeeper wage subsides totalling an amount close to $33 million. Services Australia has announced that since April 2021 11,771 welfare recipients had debts raised, following a review of JobKeeper and income support payments.  Employment Minister Stuart Robert told parliament that it was the government’s […]

Banks Offering Support To Australian Businesses And Households During Lockdown

Banks across Australia have been granted a bit over 15,000 repayment deferrals on home and business loans during the recent lockdowns taking place across the country. Since Thursday 8th July, over 600 business loans have been deferred, including 14,500 home loans, with NSW said to be the origin of a majority of hardship assistance requests, […]

Australia Set To Avoid Another Recession Despite New Lockdowns

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Governor Philip Lowe, Australia is set to avoid another recession, despite the countries recent economic comeback being halted by the number of new lockdowns introduced across the country to stop the spread of the Delta covid-19 variant. Mr. Lowe believes that Australia’s economy will bounce back quickly once […]

Greater Sydney Lockdown Set To Result 300,000 Job Losses

The significant amount of economic damaged caused by the covid-19 outbreak in Sydney is starting to show up in the national employment data, and is unfortunately beginning to spill over into over states. Figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) illustrate that across Australia, women are losing jobs at a faster rate than […]