Claiming Tax Deductions Without A Receipt

Tax deductions are the main way you can improve your tax refund. In simple terms, deductions add fairness to the tax system; if you have to spend extra money that connected with how you earn a living, then you get something back for that. The ATO prefers that you keep a receipt for every expense […]

The Popularity of Cryptocurrency In Australia Continues To Rise

A recently published survey revealed that risk is the biggest reason why Australians still lack confidence in cryptocurrency. 43 percent of Australians who responded to the survey said that the volatility of cryptocurrency was their biggest deterrent to buying it. This is a 14 percent increase on the same answer from a survey published in […]

Tax Advice For Uber Drivers In Australia

Uber has become a popular way for Australians to earn additional income. However, drivers can find themselves potentially getting into serious tax related problems unless they do it right. The concept of being an Uber driver is unique and gives drivers a flexible opportunity to earn additional income for anyone who owns a good quality […]

Last Minute End Of Year Financial Year Tax Planning Tactics

The financial year has almost drawn to a close, however there are still many effective strategies you might be able to put in place. These strategies will ensure that you pay no more tax than you have to for the 2020-21 year and maximise any refunds you might be entitled to. Although the best tactics […]

The ATO Plans To Crackdown On Cryptocurrency At Tax Time

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) plans to engage around 100,000 taxpayers ahead of tax time to inform them about their required tax obligations as it moves to strengthen its stance on accounting for cryptocurrency. On Friday 28th May, the ATO warned taxpayers that they will likely be contacted as there are growing concerns that many […]

The ATO Announces a Permanent Review Service for Small Businesses

On Friday 26th March the Australian Tax Office (ATO) announced that it will permanently install its independent review service following a successful three-year pilot program which gained the approval of its participants, whether they got the outcome they hoped for or not.   In a statement released by the ATO, the tax agency proclaimed that the small businesses […]

10 ideas to help your business

If your business is struggling, you may not know the best way to fix the problem without some help. We’ve put together 10 ways that you may be able to use to turn your struggling business around. If you aren’t sure where to start, contact us and speak with the experts.

Tax of Insurance Premiums

As a general guideline, the ATO will allow a deduction for certain insurance premiums if it can be shown that the insurance cover relates to earning assessable income. In other words, life insurance, trauma insurance or critical care insurance are generally out. Income protection insurance is one example of the kind of cover that may provide an allowable […]

Trust Tax Losses

Australian trust loss rules are complex, poorly understood and onerous to apply. As a result, business or investment trusts risk claiming losses incorrectly, a situation that can result in a significant tax liability. By making a family trust election (FTE), small to medium sized privately-held businesses operating as a trust can satisfy the trust loss […]