There are three things that you need to get from your business, mind freedom, time freedom and financial freedom, for business owners it is often a challenge to grab one of these freedoms let alone all three, but what do they practically mean? 

Mind freedom

Mind freedom is critical for a business owner, it gives you the mental space away from your business, that it is not consuming all your time. We find that getting the systems right, getting the accountability right and then making sure that you are achieving your goals gives you that mind freedom that a business should give you. It is not to say that your business will run on autopilot, but rather that you can enjoy time away from your business knowing that it is all under control.  

Time freedom

Time freedom is one of the hardest things to achieve for a business owner. All too often we hear, I just need some time away or I just need a holiday. Think back, why did you go into business in the first place? Time is something that is limited for all of us, so how do we ensure that we have that time back, that is productive and we are doing the things that we want to? For business owners, taking a step away from their business, making sure that they are able to enjoy that time away from the business certain that their business will continue to thrive.  

Financial freedom

Financial freedom, you got into business to make money. So have you achieved it? For business owners they are usually the last paid, so is the hard work worth it. A business owner takes a lot of financial risks, and often times is not rewarded for this. There is the stress of cash flow, profitability and making sure that you are not just buying yourself a job. Financial freedom means that your business is not just providing you a simple return but helping you achieve your financial goals.  

The freedoms are a great mantra to set and achieve your goals in business, they are not exhaustive, and are not always achievable at the same time, but they give you something to work towards, something to achieve and something to hold yourself accountable. Want to know how to incorporate the three freedoms into your business plan, on how to build some accountability or just want to know more, reach out to the team.