Small business can often live and die by social media and the influence of customers and staff, what messaging is necessary though and how can you deal with the negative aspects of this.

Failing to address social media concerns can be damaging to the business but equally fueling a problem by over engagement or justification can also be hard for business to deal with.


  • What is being posted?
  • Is it negative or positive?
  • What can I do to respond?
  • Am I being personally impacted by this?
  • Should I just ignore it?

For some small business it may be easier to simply ignore social media problems or shut down accounts during this period. Where there is a positive to tell there may be merit in advertising this. Where staff are being kept in the dark there is a higher risk of adverse social media interactions.

Being on top of the communicating in your business is necessary during the restructure process, and making sure that you are aware of the implication of what is happening online will assist you manage the risk.