You’ve been in business for years and people identify it with you, but are you an outsider in your business.

We assisted a friend who had been stepping away from his business for a number of years, focusing on other businesses and putting a large amount of control in his operations manager.

Being an outsider in your business is where your clients see you as not being part of the day to day operations or where they are relying more upon your staff than you. There is a need be engaged with your business and your client, and stepping away can make you an outsider in your business.

The risk for your business is that you may be considered to not be active or engaged in your business even if you are. If the relationship with your client shifts away from you, or if they align closer with your staff there is a risk to your business.

Engaging with your clients or your business can be tough when you have been away for it for a while, taking a concerted approach to re-engagement is not a simple process and one that may take time. Becoming an active part of your business is key to the long term success and to ensure that you have a finger on the pulse of what is happening.shutterstock_1198952962