Understanding your competition

Understanding your competition

Competitor analysis is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process of gathering and interpreting information. It allows you to stay ahead of market trends, innovate, and improve your competitive strategies. Remember, the goal is not just to mimic what others are doing but to understand the market landscape and find your unique position in it.

Our guide for franchises

Our guide for franchises

Running a franchise in Australia is a significant undertaking that combines the independence of running your own business with the support of an established brand. Success in franchising requires careful planning, adherence to proven systems, and a strong commitment to the business. With the right approach, a franchise can be a rewarding and profitable venture.

Orange Letter from the ATO

Traffic light and safety

Getting an orange notice is an indicator that it’s time to review your tax situation, don’t let them turn red. Reach out to understand your options.

What is a Business Restructure?

What is a Business Restructure?

A business restructure involves understanding, analysing and then improving your business, while resetting the trading structure.

The ATO Says It Can’t Rely on Crypto Users Own Records

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has said that it is unable to rely on cryptocurrency investors to keep track of their crypto related transactions and profits, despite most investors trying their best to provide the ATO with the correct information. “Our main concern is that many taxpayers believe their cryptocurrency gains are tax-free or only […]

SMEs Encouraged To Seek Help If They Are Struggling To Pay Their Taxes

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) across Australia are being encouraged to seek immediate help if they are struggling to pay their taxes due to the covid-19 pandemic-induced cash-flow issues. It has been reported that small to medium businesses currently owe the Australia Tax Office (ATO) a record-high $21.4 billion in tax debt in the financial […]

The ATO Paid $5.3 Billion In Tax Returns During July 2021

Recently published figures from the ATO (Australian Tax Office) has shown that 2.1 million taxpayers across the country have so far received an average tax refund of $2,490 this contributing to a total of $5.3 billion, in the first four weeks into 2021 tax time. Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar tried putting a positive spin on […]

Tips For Developing A Retirement Savings Plan

By being more strategic it is possible for Australian citizens to make the most of their assets to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. There is no exact magic amount of money to indicate how much all of us need to safely retire. The important thing is that you understand the sort of retirement lifestyle you hope […]

Claiming Tax Deductions Without A Receipt

Tax deductions are the main way you can improve your tax refund. In simple terms, deductions add fairness to the tax system; if you have to spend extra money that connected with how you earn a living, then you get something back for that. The ATO prefers that you keep a receipt for every expense […]