Over the next few weeks, there will be a new colour and a change of logo to the C&D presence as we continue to adapt to the changing economic landscape. The last six months have been challenging for most businesses and we have been in the same boat.

Whilst missing our Yeronga home, the opportunity to bring the practice back to Mt Gravatt has allowed us to weather through the Covid changes and to ensure that the business is able to best manage what lies ahead. Being lucky enough to be able to convert the pool house to a standalone office, has meant that very few things have changed since the upheaval of covid that has thrust into our existence.

Our travel calendar has significantly reduced, with Melbourne off the map and crossing the border almost impossible, the shift to an online environment has not been without its challenges. After several false starts with technology, we are now settled on zoom being the primary face to face connection tool. Kevin is still operating from Geelong, and with fewer restrictions than the Melbourne city, is still able to interact with regional Victorian operators.

In the changing landscape, we are still recommending to open conversations early with financiers and landlords, leaving things until late are going to harm the prospects of commercial outcomes, and with a realistic plethora of financial impacts still to come, adapting early will help your business survive.

With the Brisbane restructuring team on the ground, we are working closely with a Sydney firm to close the gaps that the travel restrictions have brought upon the business, we look forward to bringing you news of this as we get closer to the date.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see the change that the last six months of planning has materialised into.