Tax is something we all have to deal with throughout our professional and personal lives. Understanding the principles of what taxes might effect you is something everyone should endeavour to do. Listed below are a number of blogs that you can consult to improve your understanding of tax. 

Personal + General

Small + Large Business Tax

 Dealing with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Direct Remittance to the ATO

Garnishee Notices – What are They?

Garnishee Notices – Timeline of a Garnishee Matter

Garnishee Notices – The Basics

Business Garnishee Notice

Payment Arrangements with the ATO

Payment Arrangements with the ATO – Video

Assisting an at-risk Client

Extension on Application of 2017

ATO Guidance for Executors

Dealing with ATO Debt

Managing Tax Disputes

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

CGT Main Resident Exemption Loss

CGT Concessions and the Difficulties for Shares and Unit Trust Interests

Expanding the Family Home

Basics of Small Business CGT Concessions

Small Business CGT Active vs. Passive

CGT Withholding – Foreign Residents

CGT Building Concessions

Forgotten a CGT Credit?

Goods and Services Tax (GST)


GST on eBay

GST for Property Developers

New GST for Property Developers

GST for Uber Drivers

Cash vs. Accruals

GST on Amazon Fees

GST and Developers

Margin Scheme after Going Concern

Going Concerns

Going Concern on the Business Premises

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

FBT for Schools

FBT and Vehicles

FBT and Entertainment

FBT and Christmas

Salary Packaging still Tax Effective

Work Vehicles Exempt from FBT?

Third Party FBT

Land Tax

Renting your Principal Place of Residence

Can I have to Principal Places of Residence?

Land Tax (VIC) Main Residence

Foreign Land Tax

Foreign Land Tax – ACT

Foreign Land Tax – NSW

Foreign Land Tax – NT

Foreign Land Tax – SA

Foreign Land Tax – Tasmania

Tax in Trusts

Basics of Trusts

Basics of Testamentary Trusts

Basics of Trust Tax

Tax changes for Splitting Trusts

Investment of Company Funds into Hybrid Trusts

Streaming from Trusts

Shareholder Trust Distributions

Division 7A

Do you have a Div7A Obligation?

Div7A Traps

Div7A – No obligation to pay principal on sub-trust loan

Div7A doing nothing?

Div7A and Corporate Beneficaries

Compliant Div7A

Consequences of Div7A


2018 Federal Budget Review

Attending a Conference Tax Deductible?

ATO on your Credit Rating

Tax for Compensation Payments

Bitcoin and SMSFs

Profit Motive for Asset Acquisition

Tax in the Sharing Economy

Mitigating Penalties of a Div7A

ATO Targets

Can Salary Sacrifice Work?

Tax of Reward Points

ACNC Proposals

Tax and Crowdfunding

First Home Saver Scheme

Basics of Tax Residency

Caught out on DPN

Need to Know – Private Rulings

Deduction for Vacant Land Wound Back

Timing Issues – Related Party Expenses

Taxation – Commercial and personal tax concerns.  

Restructure – Including insolvency, bankruptcy and estate planning resources. 

Business Consulting – Considerations for small and large businesses, partnerships or ventures. 

Hospitality Consulting – Resources to assist entrepreneur in the hospitality environment.

Our video resources are available here and cover a range of issues that arise in business.