We thought it would be a good idea to remind employers of their obligation to pay superannuation guarantee contributions – currently at a minimum rate of 9.5% of ordinary time earnings  on behalf of  all eligible workers earning $450 or more before tax in a calendar month. Employees include company directors who receive payments in their capacity as a director (and also contractors in certain circumstances).

Ordinary time earnings are generally what employees earn for their ordinary hours of work (e.g. commissions, shift loadings and allowances, but does not include overtime payments).

Superannuation guarantee contributions are usually made quarterly via SuperStream (i.e. a system whereby contributions are made either through electronic funds transfer or BPAY) and the employer will qualify for a tax deduction for such payments if such payments are made to a complying superannuation fund.

The penalties for failing to pay superannuation guarantee contributions are quite severe (i.e. the superannuation guarantee shortfall amounts, interest on those shortfall amounts and an administration fee of $20 per employee per quarter).  Please contact us if you have any queries to ensure that the correct amount of superannuation guarantee contributions are paid by the due date.